Internal Reporting System (IRS)

Internal Reporting System (IRS)

In accordance with the applicable legislation about protection of notifiers, PEGATRON Czech, s.r.o. created an Internal Reporting System to notify activities with characteristics of a criminal offense or a misdemeanor or violation of legal regulation or a regulation of the European Union coverning the areas:

  • financial institutions, financial services, financial products and financial markets,
  • corporate income taxes,
  • preventing the legalization of proceeds from criminal activity and the financing of terrorism,
  • consumer protection and safety and compliance with product requirements according to legal regulations,
  • traffic safety, transport and road traffic,
  • environmental protection, food and feed safety and animal protection,
  • radiation protection and nuclear safety,
  • awarding public contracts, public auctions and economic competition,
  • protection of internal order and security, life and health,
  • protection of personal data, privacy and security of electronic communications networks and information systems,
  • protection of the financial interests of the European Union, or
  • the functioning of the internal market, including the protection of EU competition rules and state aid

and the reporting person found out about notified activities in connection with work or another similar activity.

The notification is given to the relevant person designated by the employer.


Relevant persons:

Šárka Šumberová, Taťána Nenzová

Reporting channels:

  • in writing to the address: Na Rovince 862, Ostrava – Hrabová, 720 00 (on the envelope please write “DO NOT OPEN – IRS – TO THE HANDS OF THE RELEVANT PERSON”)
  • electronically on the e-mail address:
  • by phone at phone number: 731 401 064
  • at the request of the reporting person in person

If the notification is made verbally on the basis of a personal interview, the relevant person is obliged to make an audio recording of the notification or its transcription. The reporting person must be informed about the recording of the call. If he/she does not approve with the recording, the relevant person may not make it. In such case, only a written record will be made of the submitted notification. In the event that a transcript of the notification is obtained, even in the case of a recording, the notifier will be allowed to comment on this transcript or recording, and this statement will be attached to the transcript or recording of the notification.

The report can also be submitted anonymously, but for the purposes of proper assessment and investigation, it is advisable to include at least the identification of the persons suspected of committing the violation, a detailed description of the violation, concrete evidence of the illegal act, or any information that supports the suspicion of a violation, any contact of the reporting person intended exclusively for the purposes of the relevant person.



The relevant person shall confirm the notifier of the receipt of the notification no later than 7 days after receiving the notification, if the reporting person has provided information on where and how he can be notified of the receipt of the notification and the method of handling it. No later than 30 days after receiving the notification, the relevant person will inform the notifier about the result of the investigation, whether the notification related to the specified areas and whether the situation stated in the notification has been corrected, or what appropriate measures to correct or prevent the illegal situation have been implemented by the organization based on the closed investigation.

The aim of the IRS is to ensure the protection of the reporting person so that his/her identity is not revealed. Only the relevant person who receives and processes the submitted submissions has the right to become familiar with the content of the notification, and who must maintain the secrecy and confidentiality of the content of the submission. No retaliatory measures may be taken against the reporting person.